Linking resources and information for teachers, to students and community in a sophisticated and secure online rich-media delivery platform hosted in the Cloud.

Here is what you get with E LINK


Store and upload any type of digital file – videos, photos, audios, PDF, Excel and Word documents for easy further use with E LINK’s Content Management System. Build an online Library of content for secure access by everyone. Create personal or shared Workspaces to organise your content. Use E LINK to generate links and embed codes for your documents and videos for online access and to easily add to EVA to create interactive lessons.


Connect your learning resources with your colleagues, students and the community. Create and share interactive videos in EVA. Link directly to ETV’s collections and use EVA to provide direct access to students to specific content without login requirements.


Control who can see your content – just you, your students, your colleagues, or everyone in your school. Share workspaces with your departments, classes, or all-school. Load content into the school Library for sharing school wide, to colleagues and to students.

Get E LINK with an ETV or EVA 3 month free trial.

Key Features:

  • Different types of users can be set up and given specific privileges
  • Users can be set up individually, by groups or through Single Sign On
  • Access levels can be set and changed
  • Uploaded videos are automatically transcoded for optimal web delivery
  • Content can be given view links or embedded into other platforms
  • Content can be embargoed to ensure timed delivery
  • Reporting tools provide detailed analytics of user activity

E LINK comes free with an ETV or EVA Pro subscription.